What’s your address?

We will give you our address once you have a confirmed booking. Our ladies work on-call, and they come in especially for you. We are centrally located, 2 minutes from the Whangarei CBD.


Can I pick a lady once I get there?

No. We provide several pictures of our ladies so you can see their beautiful bodies and unique styles. But we ask that you select a lady and confirm a booking before you arrive.


Can I see a picture of their faces?

We do not show pictures of our ladies’ faces. This is to protect their privacy. All our ladies are very attractive, in the face as well in their beautiful bodies.


What is a Girlfriend Experience? Is it the same as “Full Service?”

It’s better. In a girlfriend experience, she is your adoring girlfriend. Stressed from work? She’ll do her best to talk you down. Muscles aching? She’ll give you a massage. In a purely sexual sense, girlfriend experience includes sex, mutual oral, and kissing.


Do I have to take a shower?

Yes. This is a health and safety requirement for the ladies…and it can be very sexy.


Can I get a discount if I’m a really good client / If I’ve been there before / If I book multiple hours?

Thank you for being such a wonderful client of The Bach! We love our regulars…but we never offer discounts. Just as the dentist doesn’t get cheaper with every visit, our ladies’ time is valuable…each and every time.


I had a really great connection with the girl I saw. Can I get her number?

Please don’t ask for our ladies’ numbers, or try to contact them directly through social media. This upsets the ladies as it compromises their privacy.

This Bach Girl Is so Pretty! Can I get a selfie?

No. Absolutely no photography of any kind is allowed in the service rooms.

Do I need to bring Condoms?

No. Condoms and lubricant are all provided.

Anything Else I should do to prepare for my booking?

Think of your booking at The Bach as a date with a gorgeous girl: all the same rules apply. Brush your teeth and be a gentleman...our ladies love a man with good hygiene!


I’d like to bring a gift for the lady I’m seeing. Is that weird?

Not at all! Our ladies love presents, even the smallest gift is a sweet surprise. Some ideas for gifts for the ladies:

  • Chocolates

  • Wine or champagne

  • Gift Cards (Prezzie, New World/Countdown, Bendon, Farmers…)

  • Or ask the Madam what her heart desires!