Learn the skills you need to find a kiwi girlfriend

Are you lonely? Shy? Maybe you're new to New Zealand, and you're not sure how people meet and make friends here?

Give us a call...we'll match you up with your own personal Kiwi Kissing Coach, and help you get started! We offer a three-part class:

Part 1: How to Approach a Lady and Start a Conversation
You'll meet your Coach in a public place, such as a local café. Don't be shy, you have to start somewhere! Practice going up to a lady you find attractive, introducing yourself, starting a conversation and exchanging numbers.

Part 2: Texting and flirting
In the second part of our course, you'll spend a week exchanging text messages with your Coach. How can you be playful and flirtatious without coming on too strong? What do all those (LOLOL , IRL,  FML, ROFL) crazy acronyms mean? Which emoji should you use to make her smile? Your Coach will text back and forth with you, giving you honest feedback to make you a flirting pro.

Part 3: Kiwi Kissing Coach
In the final part of our course, you'll spend an hour in a private room at The Bach. Learn how to get explicit verbal consent before starting sexual contact...and then practice kissing! Let your Kissing Coach show you all the little things that make a woman feel amazing, from gentle stroking to passionate kisses. 

Three part Kiwi Kissing Coach Course, $350
Course includes conversation, text exchange and kissing only. No sexual intercourse. 



CALL 021 246 BACH