The Men Have Their Say

Plenty of people have opinions about sex and the sex industry, and many are too scared to say what they really think. This man wasn't...let's call him "James." James sent us this extraordinarily touching email, and I have a feeling he speaks for many men:

Hi Antonia, thank you for your statements in the NZ Herald the other day, which I am sure many men appreciated. I think you are right, we live in a society that refuses to acknowledge and validate that men may have strong needs for intimacy, attention and loving care. And for many, this translates as a need for sex. These issues raise innumerable conflicts relating to morality, religion, mens and womens self-esteem, and law. The lack of discussion, and the lack of the male voice, is tragic - not only for men, but also for society. If more men could afford your services in a comfortable and ethical context, I believe it would have a significant impact on mental health. Thank you.