So what's it like to work at The Bach?

We hear it all the time: "I have so much MONEY!" "He was SO CUTE!" "I can't believe you guys are paying ME for this!" But then the other day we got a great message. A really phenomenal one, in fact, from one of our girls (who shall remain nameless!) Here it is:

"Also wanted to pass on feedback from some of my friends. They haven't seen me this happy and confident in a long time, and they agree with me working at The Bach is giving me confidence as a woman, less stress money wise as I have almost no outstanding bills left, less stress trying to get dates / get laid. And they love the way I speak about both my Madams-- they treat me with respect, let me debrief every booking, include me in their own personal life, and truly and honestly care for me, my health, mental health, and I'm making some amazing friends. I really cannot thank you both enough, I'm so happy."

And to that, we say: WOW. And right back at you, babe. Right back at you.