FOSTA SESTA and The Bach...In The Stranger


When The Bach's Instagram feed disappeared, it was an inconvenience. Gentlemen enjoy pretty pictures of our ladies, but it's not how we make the majority of our bookings--since sex work is decriminalised in New Zealand, we can advertise online and in the local paper.

But since the US Congress passed the FOSTA SESTA laws, American sex workers are having all their  social media outlets censored. Disappeared. Poof. And for American sex workers, that means one thing: Danger.

When sex workers can't communicate with their clients, they are driven even further underground. Into exploitative relationships with pimps. Into street walking. And the more we stigmatise and criminalise sex workers, the less likely it is they'll call for help when they need it.

Katie Herzog wrote a smart, insightful piece about this for The Stranger, and she took the time to interview Madame Murphy for her article.

It takes many voices to call for change...Thank you, Katie!