Jane Bowron thinks sex bots won't take your job

"With the imminent deployment of robots taking over the workforce, the sex industry may be one of the last bastions safe from the biggest technological shifts about to occur since the industrial revolution."

Yep, that's one way of looking at it! Bowron's piece in may be deliberately fanciful, but she raises an interesting point: if The Bach pays 11 times the minimum wage, and it's a real, human experience that can't be replicated by a robot...maybe sex work is a career option worth considering for your future?

Jane Bowron: "Keeping The Sex Industry at Arm's Length." Read the full text of the article here.

Kim Blair interviews Madame Murphy on Radio Live

Kim Blair interviewed Madame Murphy about her difficulties advertising job opportunities in the sex industry...why shouldn't women hear about ALL the job opportunities–even the sexy ones paying $180 per hour?  Their live conversation sparked a (cough!) lively discussion on the airwaves! You can hear the audio interview by clicking on the player below.

What is considered "Suitable" for the ladies?

It's a pretty good gig, working at The Bach– $180/hour, flexible schedule, free childcare on site. So why won't Work and Income list our job vacancies? Because sex work is "Not Suitable," according to if it's anyone's business what's considered "suitable" for women in 2017! The New Zealand Herald thought this was an interesting question, and they published an article about it: Ethical Brothel Struggles To Find Staff (we're not struggling, but I guess that sells papers!)