LUCKY BREAK Spreads the Word!


New Zealand's favourite real-life tabloid, LUCKY BREAK, published an awesome piece on The Bach in their April 24 issue. "Inside New Zealand's Ethical Brothel" shows readers what we're trying to do down here: create a wonderful experience for our clients, and a healthy and respectful workplace for our ladies. An excerpt from the article:

While some people may not agree with the industry, I believe women have the right to do whatever they like with their body [sic]. I'm just helping to provide the safest and healthiest environment for both clients and workers. Prostitution is one of the oldest professions. If it's going to be done, I see no reason why it shouldn't be done responsibly.

The reporter interviewed me for more than an hour, she really listened to what I had to say...and I was pleasantly surprised. The more we get the word out that sex work can be an honest way to learn a living, the more we'll break down those stereotypes that can create an atmosphere of shame in the sex industry. Thank you, LUCKY BREAK for listening!

Yeah! Lila Blows Speaks Truth to Power

"I don't understand feminists who say they're pro women having agency, but then when it comes to sex work they're completely against work can give a lot of women agency. It's better than being in a minimum wage job, right?"

Amen, Lila! We couldn't have said it better ourselves. Follow this gorgeous, gutsy broad on Twitter @SheIsDiscoTits

The Men Have Their Say

Plenty of people have opinions about sex and the sex industry, and many are too scared to say what they really think. This man wasn't...let's call him "James." James sent us this extraordinarily touching email, and I have a feeling he speaks for many men:

Hi Antonia, thank you for your statements in the NZ Herald the other day, which I am sure many men appreciated. I think you are right, we live in a society that refuses to acknowledge and validate that men may have strong needs for intimacy, attention and loving care. And for many, this translates as a need for sex. These issues raise innumerable conflicts relating to morality, religion, mens and womens self-esteem, and law. The lack of discussion, and the lack of the male voice, is tragic - not only for men, but also for society. If more men could afford your services in a comfortable and ethical context, I believe it would have a significant impact on mental health. Thank you.

Fantastic coverage in the New Zealand Herald

It's not all doom and gloom in the media...Corazon Miller of the New Zealand Herald has written a strong and well-balanced piece in Sunday's paper about The Bach and our concept of the "ethical brothel." Shouldn't be so controversial really– the idea of paying women well for their talents, dealing fairly with our employees, and operating a clean business free from drugs, violence or exploitation! But unfortunately, "drugs-gangs-and human trafficking" are still what most people associate with the sex industry, so all we can do is provide a great service with healthy, sexy women and prove them all wrong.

Brava, Corazon! And thank you for telling our story. The article is entitled "The Ethics of Prostitution: Selling Sex Out of The Shadows." You can read the full text of the article (and view a video interview with Madame Murphy--oo la la!) here.