Cross that one off your list.

Can you believe our luck? We have two stunning sisters working at The Bach, Bella and Zoe. If you would like to experience the once-in-a-lifetime fantasy of two sisters giving you their full erotic attention, book in for a sister double today. We are the ONLY agency in New Zealand offering this service, and it may not don't miss out!
One hour minimum. Sister Doubles are straight doubles only.
(And yes, they really are sisters.)

"The best time you've ever had with your pants off."

"These girls have very beautiful natures, they just want to please and be pleased. They're sincere, full of sexy fun and very inventive."

This is no ordinary encounter, two sisters who really, really enjoy fun sex are an experience not to be ignored. Here's a tip: take a bottle of champagne and make an evening of it, it's so much fun!"



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